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Roulette Royal

Roulette Royal is a specific type of roulette, that comes from the family of roulette games but it is more like the European roulette it’s also played with the roulette wheel and table. 

Roulette Royal | The Basics

The European roulette has only one 0-pocket , so it is called a single zero wheel. Royal Roulette is also played with a single-zero wheel. The player has more chances of winning, due to the smaller house edge. 

How to play: Roulette Royal is about the same as a standard roulette game. You have to guess which number the ball will “choose”. The dealer spins the wheel and throws a ball, as the wheel spins – the players try to guess the specific number and make their bets on a number or a group of numbers they’re sure about. 

The bets of Royal Roulette do not differ from bets of the European Roulette: there are inside and outside bets. 
The big difference between them is that Royal Roulette has a progressive jackpot! 

If a player makes a bet and wins 5 times in a row, making a “side bet” that matches their usual bet – that’s called hitting a progressive jackpot! 

It doesn’t really matter what type of bet the players make: inside, outside, color, odd or even. The main thing is that the number must happen 5 times in order for the player to get their prize.

The wheel has 37 numbers in total (0-36). There is only one zero, just like the European variant.

When the game starts, the wheel starts to spin with a tiny ball on it. Your goal is to predict where the ball will land when the wheel stops.