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Free Roulette

Roulette is a gambling game with a spinning reel with numbered cells.  The word roulette itself has roots in the Latin rota, which means wheel. In fact, any game associated with the presence of a moving wheel can be considered roulette.

The basis of roulette is a ball spinning in a circle. When falling, the ball indicates the winning number. The loss of a number is random and unpredictable.

Free Roulette Rules

The purpose of the roulette game is to predict the winning number and place a bet on it. Before the ball falls, players have the opportunity to place their bets on a specially marked area on the table – sectors, trying to predict the winning number. In this case, you can choose not only one number, but two, three or more. In fact, each player can bet on all roulette numbers.

He also wins if he placed a bet on additional fields common to some numbers. For example, if any red number falls out, the bet on “Red” wins. And the bet on “Black”, respectively, loses. There are a sufficient number of different additional and combined bets in roulette. All of them are paid according to the payout ratio accepted at a particular casino. As a rule, the number is paid 35 to 1, and the bets on “red” or “black” are only 1 to 1.

Free Roulette is a cyclical game. As soon as the ball has fallen, the winning number has been determined and all payments have been made, the game begins again- the ball is re-launched along the roulette chute and players can bet again.

Roulette is a mathematically determined game based on the fact that the payouts are not equal (usually less) to the chances of a winning number falling out. That is, if on a roulette of 37 numbers the chance of one number falling out is 1 out of 37, then the player receives only 36 chips in case of a win (35 to 1 payment plus the remaining winning chip). One chip goes as a commission to the gambling establishment.

And no matter how many chips and different combinations a player puts, in theory he will lose every 37 chips. In practice, roulette is unpredictable and history knows cases when players won and lost large sums of money at roulette just because they were too lucky or, on the contrary, luck wasn’t there.

The main types of roulette:

Currently, there are three main types of roulette found in real and online casinos – European, French and American. Each type has its own characteristics, but the principle in these games is the same.